A Question for those of you who hate Obama because of Ayers

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OK, I’ll take this in baby steps because I know some people get confused.

When Obama was eight, Ayers engaged in acts of “domestic terrorism” in protest of the Vietnam War.  (Note Ayers was never tried or convicted of any crimes).

Decades later, after Obama moved to Chicago, he worked with Ayers on a charity board and attended a meet and greet at Ayers home, a meeting set up by Alice Palmer, not Obama.

Therefore, following your logic, Obama “pals around with terrorists.”

IF this is true, then:

Todd Palin admited in a signed affidavit that he did in fact put pressure on people in Palin’s administration to get Wooten fired.

Quote: “He told them emotional stories about Wooten threatening and emotionally abusing his family. He said he talked to anyone who would listen. He gave them photos and documents, which they forwarded to others in the administration, and he questioned how Wooten kept his job.”

So Todd Palin used his access to government officials to attempt to get his ex-brother in law fired, even violating Wooten’s civil rights by sharing confidential information with others.  Even if, as Todd Palin alleges, his wife had no clue what he was doing, doesn’t that make her guilty since this didn’t happen when she was EIGHT, but while she was sharing a bed with him? 

Now of course, you’ll argue that these two things are not remotely related.  You would be correct.  One happened WHEN OBAMA WAS EIGHT, the other happened right under the Governor’s nose. 

Just providing a bit of perspective, folks.  Just a bit of perspective.


I don’t know how more plainly I can put this.  But here we go.

I have relatives that are racists and bigots.  It is not something I am proud of, to be sure.  But if I see them at a family reunion, I still talk to them.  Does that make me racist?

I have a close friend that smokes pot.  She doesn’t do it around me, however.  Does that make me a drug addict?

I use to work with a guy that cheated on his wife.  Does that automatically make me an adultress?

I just keep trying to drive the point that each and every one of us has people in our lives that have done things we do not agree with.  I guarantee there is not a person in this forum that, if they suddenly were running for office, would be able to say there is nobody in their past that would reflect poorly on them using the Guilt By Association logic.  The fact is, anyone who is involved in their community on more than a “wave at the neighbor but don’t know his name” basis has casual ties with all sorts of people that, if you knew their entire past, you may not like.  Look in the mirror and think of every person you know:  not just your close friends and family.  Are you a member of a civic group?  Involved in a local charity?  Go to a church?  Work outside the home?  Involved in little league?  You better hope nobody you have come in contact with ever committed a crime, because I guess that makes you a criminal too.

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