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I am hoping to keep myself involved in this group. My name is Susan I am 29 years old and my best friend, my Mother was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer about 6-8 weeks ago. Not long after someone in ONE of the ER visits finally listened to her and did a CT scan and an ERCP did we find this. A week later we went to Dallas for an Internal U/S to find that it was a 3inch mass and it was in the liver as well. I am wheeling from all of this. My mother has had MS, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, etc. for over 10 years- I never imagined this would happen AGAIN! Yes, I said again. She had Uterine and Cervical Cancer 20 years ago, she had a hysterectomy, some Chemo and was good to go. Now, she is way to weak for the Chemo, it made her so sick she lost a ton of weight in the first 4 days. She had been SO sick before we found out, she was unable to eat for MONTHS. Just little tiny bits, eboiugh to keep her alive I guess. For about 3 months I had her to 4 different Drs, all of them several times to no avail… One told her she had Colic… Then the ER Dr finall did the CT. etc… She decided to not do any more Chemo and she is already withering away. –I have been down this road before, just 6 short years ago. My father in law, whom I had known since I was 4 years old. Had basically the same thing. He was sick, had a surgery. Didnt heal right and they went to go back in and his WHOLE back all of the bones and everything was Cancer!! He was gone in less than 6 very short weeks. I have an 8 year old genius and a 5 year old smarty pants that know something is seriously wrong. They are used to her being "sick" because of the M.S. and everything else. But know they can just tell, with out even asking they are different around her, not in a bad way though. I have been out of work for the last year and a half and I am trying to get on disibility, do to my Endometriosis, spinal stenosis and a few other things.

UGH.. Did I say a short intro????

I am in serious need of support, laughs and some shoulders that can understand my sometimes out of control mind!! Thanks all, have great a night..


My mother lost her battle with Pancreatic Caner on July 23rd 2007.. May God bless her Soul!

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