A RAINBOW of Colors From a Round the World

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The last time I went to Disney World was twenty-two years ago.  We managed to fit a day at the Magic Kingdom and another at Epcot on a forty-three day camping trip canvasing the historical battlefields of the Revolutionary and Civil War.  We traveled with 16 year old Will, 12 year old Aaron and 4 year old Zach.  We also did this grand tour with our goood friends Mark and Peggy from our Alaska days with their three children.  Needless to say, Epcot was a fast paced stroll….the boys wanted to go on all the rides.  Zach was enthralled with "Figment" at the Imagination Exhibit.  We must of gone on that ride several times.  Then of course there were all the interactive games the boys wanted to play at Spaceship Earth, Mission Space and The Land.  As a result, we had little time, in just a day, to explore the countries of the world.

Last week, once again at Epcot, minus children, my brother-in-law Fred, my sister Fran and my grand neice, twenty-two year old Alyssa decided to tour the countries first.  Being with just adults, I had plenty of time to concentrate on capturing images.  After spending the past several months in a white snowy world, it was exciting to be surrounded with an array of colors, shapes and textures.  All my senses were intoxicated with the array of colors we found in these new surroundings.


































The World is a Rainbow

That filled with many Colors

Red and yellow, green and blue

You see them all around.



As I was leaving Epcot with these images in my mind, I couldn't help but think that we are really all one big family under one blue sky.


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