A Review of: A Death in Vienna

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I was one of the lucky winners to have received two new novels from Gather.com.  As  promised I am publishing a review of the first of the two.  This novel by Frank Tallis, A Death in Vienna is a historical novel with a fresh new twist on murder.   Maxim Lieberman (Max), the main character is a dapper young doctor whom has had the fortunate foresight to make himself familiar with the then preposterous works of Sigmund Freud.   He uses his new knowledge to unlock not only the mystery of a multiple personality disorder in one of his patients but also to help his police sargeant friend solve a mysterious death in Vienna, 1909. 

This book began with some heavy German word usage which at first left me more confused than not.  It seemed that Tallis was attempting to woo the reader with his German linguistic knowledge. I decided to move past that and continue my reading as the plot was enticing, entertaining the hint of a discussion about the super natural and the possibilities of God.  I was glad that I had sludged through the confusing language at first because what I discovered later was an intriguing murder mystery that I could not solve on my own.  Without the clever Max Lieberman and his cured patient I don’t think I would have ever resolved this mystery, which is quite refreshing to find an unpredictable murder mystery.  This story is fascinating in that it talks of faith in God and science in the same breath, morally didactic theories are explored in this rythmic novel.  An intriguingly new approach to murder, the supernatural, and faith.  A great summer read available at amazon.com.

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