A Sad Story of Discrimination

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Eric’s partner Joe had taken his parents out flying that morning, but Eric hadn’t heard from them all day and had a bad feeling about it. He called the airport and was told there had been “an incident” but couldn’t be told more because he wasn’t “family.” He was told to call the local hospital. When he called there he was told he couldn’t be told anything because he wasn’t “actual family.” He turned on the television to see a breaking story about a plane crash. It was then from the internet that he leared his partner and in laws had died. Eric and his partner had been together for 6 years.


Video about it here from the HRC. The local St Pete Times news article about it can be found here.


This is yet another way in which ‘defense of marriage’ or ‘defense of family’ laws so profoundly and tragically impact individuals. Florida, where this happened, currently is voting to further discriminate against GLB partners. I hope that stories like this press further on the consciences of Hillary and Barak to get them to reconsider their positions on gay marriage. (As NJ and VT are finding out, civil unions just don’t cut it, although they are better than the crap that the folks in Florida have to put up with.)

WWJD? He’d force people to find out that people they love are no longer here via the internet. The way god intended.

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