A Shaun White Apology Surfaces After His Nashville Meltdown

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Twenty-six-year old Olympic Gold Medal Snowboarder Shaun White has officially apologized for the meltdown leading to his arrest Sunday at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville.

The Shaun White apology seems sincere enough as he writes on his Facebook page around 1:45 PM EST today. “I was celebrating a happy occasion with a ton of family and friends and got carried away. I’m truly sorry for my poor behavior,” says White about actions that spurred the hotel management into calling local Nashville Metro Police after White allegedly smashed a hotel telephone in the lobby, tried to activate a fire alarm, had a physical altercation with another guest over that incident, and on top of it tried to leave the scene by hailing a cab.

Although it is widely believed online that White was arrested for a violent altercation, the arresting officer took him into custody for the charges of vandalism and public intoxication—both misdemeanors, and the only reason he was arrested was because he refused to sign the citations and agree to appear in court, (by the way, signing is not an admission to doing anything wrong, it just means you acknowledge the charges and will show up in court to address them) so the officer had no choice but to arrest him then. He was later released on his own recognizance (no bail, he just agrees to show up the next court date) or “R-O-R’d” as arrestees like to call it.

Even though his actions were obnoxious and embarrassing, you gotta give the guy a break, he is a young 16-year old….wait, sorry, 26-year-old kid, or man rather, and nobody is perfect, right? After all, it is not like he has done this before or anything, right? Aside from being arrested in 2007 at ANOTHER Breckenridge, Colorado hotel for discharging a fire extinguisher in the hotel game room, (man, this guy has issues with fire safety equipment doesn’t he?) this second incident is an isolated incident. There likely was another Shaun White apology around that time. Plus, the guy was with his family having a nice party, doesn’t everyone get piss drunk, vandalize nearby facilities, and pop fire alarms at their family’s “pot-luck” dinners? Shaun, time to grow up dude.

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