A Short History of the Writing Essentials Editors

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A Short History of the Writing Essentials Editors

The Writing Essential began in June, 2007 and the first member editors were invited into the program.

This is the first Gather Writing Essential icon, until sometime in 2008.






Then the icon changed to:









The first group owner of The Writing Essential was Gather staff member, Gather Assistant Editor Jennifer Hodge, from 2007 until 2009.

Then MaryAnne Flynn, Gather staff member and VP Community Development of Gather Inc. and VP Writer Services, Skyword Inc. became group owner of the Writing Essential in 2009.

Then Connie C., Gather member and Editor of  What’s Happening  Today on Gather, became group owner of the Writing Essential in 2011.

Here is a list of all the Writing Essentials editors from June 2007, until now.

Sunday – Ron Hall, Doug Westberg, A. F. Stewart

Monday – Chris Carlisle, John Phillip, Greg Schiller, Dame Ruth, Marilyn N., Greg Schiller, Sharon P.

Tuesday – Amy George, Flit, Sandy Knauer, Xtabber, Elsie Duggan, Phillip deNise, Jules Price-Burnham.

Wednesday – Kathryn Esplin, Susan Budig,  Brian Bennett, Kimberly Blackader, Pam Brittain, René Allen.

Thursday - Birdie J., Rose (just an ole GA peach) Williams, Kimberly Ripley, Kevin Ewing

Friday – Ed Nudelman, John Harris Beck, Granny Janny H., Nancy L., Guy W., Kathryn Esplin,  Bridget McNulty,
Andrea Pearson and
John Beck, who subbed for Andrea.

Saturday - Aaron Lazar, Joy, C.C. Miranda, Atticus, Len Maxwell,
sarah Leanne.

~  *   ~   *   ~   *   ~  *  ~  *  ~  * ~  *   ~   *   ~   *   ~  *  ~  *  ~  *~  *   ~   *   ~   *

16 men, with 17 spots occupied by men, with Greg Schiller twice as the Monday editor. This includes
John Beck, who subbed for Andrea Pearson.

24 women, with 25 spots occupied by women, with Kathryn Esplin  first the Wednesday editor, and then the Friday editor.


40 editors with 42 spots, with two editors (Greg Schiller and Kathryn Esplin) either filling the same spot twice or filling two different spots) and with John Beck becoming the first substitute editor, covering for the first editor, Andrea Pearson, to take maternity leave. Andrea has been back from maternity leave and is enjoying her baby daughter.

Yay firsts! Yay maternity! Yay substitute! Go team!

Friday focused on Poetry with Ed, John, Guy, Kathryn and Bridget.

Monday focused on “Good Humor Monday” from the beginning.

Other days had a variety of subject matter/genres and prompts.

One state has had more editor-hours and more editors than any other. Can you guess which one it is?



Minnesota: Ron Hall, Greg Schiller, Susan Budig, Greg Schiller, Guy W. and Kimberly Blackader and
John Beck are from Minnesota.

I count  13+ editor-years with the above 5 Minnesotans.( I think I might have lost track of how many years it has been.)

Not even MA, NH or NY add up to 12+ editor years. And no other single state has had 5 editors. Go Minnesota!

MA – 4+;    NH – 5+;    NY- 6+.

MA – Ed Nudelman , Kathryn Esplin, John Harris Beck (MA and NY);

NH – Kimberly Ripley  2007 -2012

NY – Aaron Lazar, John Harris Beck, Nancy L., Elsie Duggan.

Some of the other states include: Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Georgia, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Montana, Washington and the District of Columbia, Illinois.

We would sometimes sub for each other when one couldn’t make their day, and sometimes a Gather member filled in.  Lynn P. filled in from time to time.


Another interesting observation: With eight (plus a substitute), Friday has had the greatest number of editors and Sunday the fewest, with only three. Thursday has four, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday tie with six, (counting Greg only once for this observation). Tuesday has seven. Ron Hall was the only original WE editor for five years. Ron was the longest-standing WE editor, with Kimberly Ripley the second longest-standing WE editor.

Update: Sept., 2013: And now, Greg Schiller and Len Maxwell are the two longest-standing editors, with Greg having one year and then nearly five years as Monday Editor  and Len having nearly five years as Saturday Editor.

Update: January, 2014: Greg, Len and Doug have departed — their positions! — They are still on Gather!


It sort of follows that Friday is a crazy day IRL (in real life)….and in the Writing Essential editors…


Other interesting stats: Long-term editors (2+) include:

Ron Hall (5+ and Kimberly Ripley (4+ ). Greg Schiller (5+), XTabber (2+ ), Kathryn Esplin (2+ ), Susan Budig (2+ ), Aaron Lazar (2+ ), Nancy L. (2+ ) and Len Maxwell (4+ ).

Of those that were a WE essential for 1+, this list includes Kimberly Blackader and Elsie Duggan.

Update, Sept. 2013: 9 of the 40 editors were editors for 2 or more years, above. Ron Hall for 5; Kimberly Ripley for 4.

Four were three years or more: Ron, Kimberly Ripley, Greg, Len.

13 were 1+ years and 21 were less than 1 year. This statistic is for the editor, not the position, so Kathryn and Greg were counted only once. (This information was for September, 2013. I have now lost count for 2014.

~  *   ~   *   ~   *   ~  *  ~  *  ~  * ~  *   ~   *   ~   *   ~  *  ~  *  ~  *~  *   ~   *   ~   *

All the thanks goes to everybody who writes for these WE days – week in, week out, for the variety the editors bring to the Writing Essentials.

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