A SHORT HISTORY OF THE ZEPPELIN: MonWe, Dream on Monday, Alternate History Prompt, june 17, 2014

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Here is this Mondays prompt:

MonWe, Dream on Monday, Alternate History Prompt, your title, and the date.

Hope you have fun with it.



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Orville watched as his older brother Wilbur mounted the flat wing of their muslin and wood flying machine. December 14, 1903 a day that changed the world. Wilbur had won the right to the first flight by a flip of a coin, unfortunately an unlucky flip.

The world changed on that single toss of the coin. A great gust of wind caught the prototype by the tail and flipped it over the sand dune on Kill Devil Hill. The sudden movement tossed the, would be, pilot high and back onto the pebbled beach. He landed on his back and severed his spinal cord. Wilbur never walked again.

Three days later, an angry Orville, dressed in suit and tie attempted the flight once again. Upon starting, the propeller splintered sending shafts of wood in every direction. The impact created a small leak in the motor that ignited a flame. The flying machine became engulfed, burned out of control, lifted and then crashed. Orville died and with that accident the dream of motorized winged flight died and gave birth to a newer and finer era of gas filled balloons.

The high point of the new age began Thursday, May 6, 1937 when the Hindenburg made its maiden voyage across the Atlantic and landed safely at the Lakehurst Naval Station, Lakehurst, New Jersey.

The world hailed this grand achievement and a century of historic transcontinental lighter than air flights began.



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