A Solar-Power Bikini will Charge Your Tech Devices

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Solar power is becoming a popular energy source around the world. Scientists and businesses are finding ever more creative ways to incorporate the use of solar power into daily life. Now there is even a solar-power bikini that lets you plug your technology devices into the swimsuit to recharge them.

Would you wear a solar-power bikini? The swimsuit designed by Andrew Schneider of Brooklyn, New York, has the same sexy look any bikini has. It just offers a lot more functionality with its fashion. For countries with intermittent electrical service, clothing with a solar-power charging function could quickly become coveted items.

The swimsuit, named the Solar Bikini, has sockets to plug-in a camera or iPod for recharging. The sockets are not obtrusive; rather they are sewn into the fabric. The bikini looks just like any other swimsuit until the wearer plugs in some technology devices.

This swimsuit would certainly be a conversation starter. The wearer would have a chance to offer some free solar-power energy to friends or strangers on the beach.

The solar-power bikini is hand-made by Solar Coterie in a special order for each buyer, notes the Daily Mail. Each bikini contains photo-voltaic panels to create the solar energy. It takes about 80 hours to make each bikini. For more information about the solar-power bikini, go here.

It is intriguing that solar power is becoming more main stream. Some towns are now even sticking solar panels on telephone poles. Will a day at the beach now include seeing women in bikinis that charge technology devices while they sun bathe?

For people who are constantly on the go, solar clothing could become quite useful. When walking about a city or town a person could simply keep their iPod or camera plugged in to charge and never have to make a stop somewhere to find a plug to recharge their technology devices.

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