A Spectacular Coastline – Big Sur

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Along scenic Highway One approximately 150 miles south of San Francisco lies a 90-mile stretch of awesome beautiful coastline – Big Sur. Its dramatic meetings of rugged cliffs and raving waves of the Pacific Ocean create a spectacular view of land and sea, offering an irresistible reason for an excursion from Silicon Valley.

The weather of this Memorial weekend couldn’t be better. The bright sunshine of May breathes new life into every form of being. Flowers are blossoming, vegetation is green, and the smell of the ocean washes away any tension and distress in modern life. Here, technology doesn’t matter and business is irrelevant.

Among its numerous state parks and beaches, my favorite spot is McWay Waterfall. A short trail leads to an astonishing 80-foot waterfall, dropping off a cliff onto the beach nested in a little cove. The aqua blue water gently taps onto the white sand shore, as ceaseless pulses of the ocean. The sublime beauty of the scene cheers my heart and uplifts my spirit. To say it is a paradise on earth is an understatement!

A day hike of Tan Bark Trail sees the best of the Big Sur wilderness. The trail goes up through redwoods and tan oaks, with slopes as steep as amost 90 degrees and a running creek streaming down crystal-clear waters. Near the top of the mountains, a waterfall runs under a short wooden bridge. Sitting on the bridge and listening to nature rejuvenate me. On the way back, a grand ocean view of California bays overlooking Highway One came into sight – it literally took my breath away!

Nothing can end the day more delightfully than watching the sunset at Pfeiffer Beach. A secret of Big Sur, Pfeiffer Beach is hidden in the far end of the winding Sycamore Canyon Road. The beach is spotted by rough rocks, with an arch magically standing amidst roaring waves. It is said at certain time of the year, the sun actually sets exactly in the arch. As the wind blew stronger toward dusk, the setting sun shining through flying clouds presented a drastic seascape that I would never forget.

I am immensely humbled by the beauty of nature at Big Sur. Isn’t it a luxury, or a necessity, to be able to pause and reflect in life? To be harmonious with nature is to be harmonious with our inner selves. Big Sur, it’s not just a spectacular coastline, it’s also a destination of natural beauty and harmony.

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