A Swan Song (Saturday Writing Essential)

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In late January 2010, MaryAnne Flynn, then owner of the Gather Writing Essential group, asked me to fill in for Greg Schiller who was going to be screwing off for two weeks and I accepted. In early Feb 2010, Atticus (then editor for Saturday) found he had to step down and MaryAnne asked if I’d be willing to take over that position. My response was:

Saturday? Wow, if I did it, I’d like to set it up as a rotating genre: fantasy, sci-fi, humor, movie parody, historical, and whatever else I could come up with. If that’s acceptable, I’m willing to give it a shot.

MaryAnne agreed and I posted my first column on 20 Feb 2010. It took me a few weeks to come up with a standard format for my column that included the now standard This Week’s Challenge, Ideas, Watch Out For, and Recap headings.

Following that I added the standard The Rules heading and, I don’t remember when it was, I stole (with his permission) Greg Schiller’s standard weekly reminder regarding Ann Marcaida’s article about recommending an article.

I always tell readers to not pay attention to my titles because, for the most part, I use titles to suck you in to reading my post and they rarely have anything to do with the subject. However, this week’s title is accurate.

This is my last post as the SatWE editor; now, it’s someone else’s time to take over.

What would happen if you were chosen as the new SatWE editor? You’ve known for months, maybe years that you could do better and now — it’s your column to manage. What do you do for your first post/prompt/challenge?


This Week’s Challenge:

Using prose or poetry, introduce yourself as the new SatWE editor and explain what you’re going to expect of your writers.



Most of the editors accept prose or poetry. Doug (SunWinks) alternates between prose and poetry, but why not make Saturday a poetry day?

Some editors put up prompts and some challenges. Which are you going to do?


Watch Out For:

This is easy. Go back and look at all my past challenges — you’ll find all the things you should avoid.



For the last time I’ll list the responses I’ve found for last week’s challenge.

SatWe Challenge/ Write for a Child. 11,16,13. Dear Child to Come  by Sharon P.


SWE- Saturday Writing Essentials Challenge 11/16/2013 Once Upon a Time “The Blue Plate Special”  by Heather – child of God, C.


Weekly reminder: Don’t forget to recommend an article that you like (to learn why, read Ann Marcaida’s article Attract More Writers and Artists to Gather!). Also, try to place a comment on at least one article and say more than you liked the piece. Tell the author what worked and what needs work.

The Rules:

  • Put this challenge statement at the beginning or end of your submission so readers will know what you’re supposed to do.

Challenge: Using prose or poetry, introduce yourself as the new SatWE editor and explain what you’re going to expect of your writers.

  • There is a limit of three submissions from each member per day. If you’re extremely prolific, spread out your work and post only three submissions per day.
  • Post to Gather Writing Essential.
  • Tag your submission with SatWE.
  • Include (Saturday Writing Essential) as part of your title.
  • I ask that you make your submission(s) by next Friday afternoon.

Good Writing!

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