A System of Levees: The City Underwater No Longer Under Water

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A major development for the people of Louisiana is the opening of a downtown Baton Rouge levee along the Mississippi River. Matters have reached a critical stage in the state of “Union, Justice, and Confidence,” with water levels along the Mississippi above the flood stage in Baton Rouge and nearing flood levels in New Orleans.

Remembering 2005 and what Hurricane Katrina did to the levee system surrounding “The Big Easy,” news of more flooding in New Orleans is tragic, if not catastrophic. Lake Ponchartrain had become overwhelmed by the water levels caused by Katrina. This will always be a great concern to the US Army Corps of Engineers and its levee system, which surrounds the city that lies below sea level.

The Bonnet Carre Spillway and its 330 bays exist to divert flooding, and as the mighty Mississippi’s flooding has threatened Louisiana and its Lake Ponchartrain, spillway bays have been opened. The great news following the reopening of the downtown Baton Rouge levee is that the Army Corps of Engineers plans to close 30 of the bays, hopeful of subsiding water levels. No better news than this wave of good news can reach the news wires in Louisiana right now.

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