A Tale of Old Hollywood: The Joan Crawford Murders by Peter Joseph Swanson

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The Joan Crawford Murders by Peter Joseph Swanson

(Please note that I steer clear of summarizing plots in my reviews, as I don’t want to be accused of being a spoiler!)



Peter Joseph Swanson is not only an intriguing writer, but an avid historian as well. Among the great joys of this book are the intricate look it takes at Hollywood from an era gone by. As Joan prepares to make her comeback, she is portrayed in such fastidious detail that the reader feels transported back in time.

Swanson knows how to tell a tale. Eloquent, dramatic, meticulous and powerful are the four words that best describe his unique style. The book never slows or becomes trite, but rather captivates readers on a roll they don’t want to end. His attention to dialogue is an art all its own, and again accurately reminiscent of Hollywood’s earlier years.

I haven’t yet read the prequel to this tale, but don’t feel that I needed to in order to thoroughly grasp and delight in this one. I will, however, soon purchase it for my collection, as Peter Joseph Swanson’s writing is well worth my time; and yours.

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