A teabag (dry) is a Tooth Abscess’s Worst Enemy . . .

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UPDATE: 2/19/13 at exactly 12:20am, my teeth all but the very back incised molar I lost about seven months ago, are doing well because I added Magnesium, Calcium, greens, fruit oils & seeds to my diet and take care gently of the remaining teeth. Should I have any issues arise due to seeds in between teeth, I use the dental floss gently without cutting into the gum yet still pulling the foreign food particle away from the gum line. It helps to be really conscientious of oral hygiene when you have not been gifted with the very best dental smile !

UPDATE: 12/15/11 at 8:05 EST — the tea bag treatments are working and I am spitting out quite a bit of this infection and it is getting the natural systemmic antibiotic I need that WAS NOT synthesized in a lab– it is the Vital yew capsule made from the vital yew plant. I found the up to 92% standardized amount and am taking 3 capsules for the first 3 days and 2 capsules for the remaining 5 daus as we are going for a 8-10 day treatment plan. I am swishing with my own sanitizing rinse made from scratch and am using my Q-tips cause I will not subject myself to root canal or final tooth loss.

 The subject title is conceived from the last 40 hours or so dealing with the ‘chipmunk syndrome’ which usually attacks my teeth and jaws this wonderful time of year. My family history (well ‘her-story’), DNA that carries poor quality dental health, and the fact that me and table sugar were best friends well into my late thirties, I am now smarter.

As I am writing this post, I have lodged between my lower right jaw and sixth tooth from the middle backwards, a DRY teabag which has healing properties due to the high amount of ‘tannins’ in the black tea. Now any black tea variety will do Bentley, Lipton or even Twinings, but I have a Bentley-brand in there right now and I am letting the tannins extract the pus and infectious material that has decided to reside in the pocket present in my lower jaw (not to mention the other areas in my mouth in which braces and severe impacted tooth extraction, caused dental caries to form.

Later on down the road I traveled with a ‘stuck-in-stupid’ kind of approach to diet and habits that only made the problems worse over time. As I would eat a donut or inhale some substance, or even accidentally mouth-breath two-thirds of my sleeping time I had every opportunity for my mouth and delicate epithelial tissue to seek destruction of my quality of living.

Well it worked . . . and today I am miserable for it; however in extensive research and keeping my food/mood journals, I am treating the infection using ONLY the homeopathic treatments I trust. I have seen the demonstration of excising, draining and inevitably almost causing the perish of one of my family members years ago when she too was the victim of tooth abscess overkill. Her body system is like mine for we share DNA, she is my dear mother who has not by choice, given me a compromised set of chompers.

But its NOT ALL BAD, because in this decay, I am learning & applying natural herbs and their uses gained from reading, educating myself and experimenting. My fear of the ordinary dentist and his garden tools miniaturized to play and wreak havoc on my enamel, are NOT in my agenda and really they should not be in yours either. I am not suggesting you avoid your dentist altogether, but do the personal hygiene routine YOUR body really needs not what some licensed fund-collector who plays with teeth and the epithelial tissues (and has a weird fascination with sharp objects), tells you to do.

You are your best judge.

Now lets look at the contents of your pantry shall we ? Are there any black tea bags available ? If so, remember that these little bgas of black tea leaves are very potent. Although they are concentrated in caffeine and will constipate and give you a slight elevation in your BP, the tannins in the tea are incredibly helpful in removing certain toxins from the system.

You ask what the heck is a tannin ? Well I will tell you . . .

According to Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary on page 1818, ” a tannin is an acid substance found in the bark of certain plants and trees. This acid hs the healing properties of an ‘astringent’, antidote for various poisons and is used as a topical hemostatic. ” According to me, it works better than a synthetic broad-spectrum antibiotic that destroys the body’s immune system by compromising the mechanisms to deflect bad bacteria and nourish good bacteria. You don’t need that. You need to balance, keep alkaline, drain the poison, and treat the infection sysyemically.

As you read I detest dentists, therefore the homeopathic treatments are my best friends. Without any health insurance (and that is by choice), I certainly won’ t pay in through the nose for synthetic when I can gain success from less expensive, more potent and definately most effective herbal preparations.

The tea bag should stay shoved up against the infected area and the inner cheek, where the epithelial cells of the delicate tissue lining of the mouth and gums are the most receptive, for at least an hour 1/2 because this gives the tannins more concentrated at first to pull everything out slowly without shocking the body system like lancing and draining from a dentist would cause. This is a safer but more time-consuming method of healing. Most humans want instant gratification and I am sorry to say, this treatment is NOT instant but effective.

Drink plenty of water while doing this treatment, beginning with your first as soon as you wake up and have finished your other normal routines. It is suggested by me to do this BEFORE you consume any breakfast or other food so you don’t put new acids, different acids over the one that needs to promote drainage.

After the time is up (about 2 hours usually for me but you can keep it for less, but not under 1 hour), go into your kitchen, get some warm salt water with 1/2 teaspoon sea salt and reverse osmosis water or other non-flouridated water), go back upstairs, find some hydrogen peroxide, and fill a small tumbler or small cup with 1/2 cup peroxide, 1 cup of salt water and before rinsing your mouth, remove the tea bag. Apply slight pressure with the end of a q-tip soaked in alcohol (isopropyl not drinking alcohol) and squeeze the pus slowly away from the base of the tooth out of the escape route. Your tooth will show you which escape route is best.

It will hurt some but the tannins have freed the pus from its pocket home and as much as you can get out is best. I urge you to spit out as often as possible while the tea bag is between your gum and cheek, and again after you remove the bag and start pushing out the contents. YES THIS IS A POISON coming out so DO NOT SWALLOW !

After you have gently removed what pus you can and believe me an awful lot can escape, using a clean q-tip each time, clean the area around the tooth and remove as much residue as possible. Rinse with your hydrogen peroxide and saltwater for about 2 minutes. If you tolerate heat over cold, lay on a heating pad with the affected cheek and gum away from the heat meaning the opposite side because warmth promotes more drainage and you don’t want to be accidentally swallowing the contents escaping.

Get plenty of rest, cut back your caffeine, cigarettes, other inhalants almost to none (if you can) and drink plenty of fluids. If you still want to visit a dentist because nearly every site you go to if you type in tooth abscess says it is very dangerous. Be smart, do what YOU can first before some highly-degreed dentist with knowledge about causes of root decay, starts extracting yours with expensive root-canal work !

Thank you for reading and I hope I have helped someone else out today, besides myself.

’till next time this is erica~ the enlightenment advisor


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