A Teen Likely Fell From Plane! Was It Suicidal Or Accidental?

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A North Carolina teen most likely fell hundreds of feet to his death from an airplane. On Friday, a Massachusetts prosecutor stated that the teen’s body was found in the suburbs of Boston after he likely fell from the plane. That is horrible! Was the fall suicidal or accidental?

Reporters say Delvonte Tisdale most likely fell from the plane that he stowed away on. Sounds like he was a runaway. Officials contemplated that Delvonte Tisdale, 16-year-old from North Carolina, hid himself inside the wheel well of the Boeing 737. Unfortunately, he fell from the wheel well to his death. Oh my gosh! What was this kid thinking? Whenever you think of a teen likely falling from a plane, you would think out a door or from the floor of the bathroom, not from taking a joy ride on the outside of the plane!    

Tisdale’s parents sent him to a college, but he hated it. He would never tell his parents, only a close friend. So Tisdale decided to hide away on the plane’s wheel well. Evidence was found that made sense of the teen being a stow away, many handprints were found, which unfortunately belonged to Delvonte Tisdale. His clothes were scattered out on the travel path of the plane right before he likely fell from the plane.

This must be a lesson for all of us. His death was truly a sad incidence. Everyone, please just pay the money for a plane ticket. It will get you your own seat inside the plane buckled up, not inside a wheel well when there is a chance of you dying. What to do you think of the teen that fell from a plane?

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