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The Gather Writing Essential (WE) group is the only Essential group that is solely member run by a team of different and talented Gather members who are here to help you create seven great days of writing. The Writing Essential group was created as a home for the Gather writers to congregate and publish their work while receiving constructive criticism. It is a place to share their experiences and ask questions about the craft of writing. You can find our more on the WE homepage.

The wonderful thing about the Gather Writing Essential group is that it is always changing.  It is time for change once again. 


 The Sunday WE editor, Ron Hall  has some important  things going on  in his life right now.  It is not allowing him the time to do his current editing job in the group.  Be sure to look for lots of interesting posts from him in the future concerning yard sales. 

 Thank you so much Ron for all your past help and good luck in the future with your yard sale and other endeavors. Thanks so much.







Please join me in welcoming the new Sunday WE editor Doug Westberg

Doug Westberg is a Vancouver, Washington, writer, poet, songwriter and recording artist. His Depression and Creativity group is dedicated to giving folks struggling with depression and related issues a creative outlet. His humor book The Depressed Guy’s Book of Wisdom is published by Chipmunka Publishers, London. His poetry volume The Caterpillar is forthcoming from Chipmunka. He has also completed a book of stories and a teen fantasy novel. You can also browse his posts for stories and new poems on his gather profile page. He recently married Carol, his partner and muse of 15 years, and has 4 grown children.

Welcome Doug!  You are now part of a growing group in the gather community.  I hope you will enjoy your position as Sunday editor.  Have fun.


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