A thing I wanted when I was a kid (Monday Writing Essential)

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I chose the first two below because not only did I want something once but I eventually did get it. Years ago when I was a wee one, I remember going to the Antique store with my brother while he worked, and the elderly couple that owned the store would let me play with their Antique cash register, and type writer.

I so loved that type writer, as the years went by I grew a little bit bigger but I was always fascinated by type writers, mainly the electric ones. I thought that it was just about the best thing ever, and would make my writing go much faster if only my figures could keep up with what was goinig on in my brain.

My mother got a few regular type writers over the years as well as a few electric typewriters that were hand me downs but most came with problems that couldn’t be fixed, hence the reason why someone would part with it. Finally in high school my mother and father saved up enough to get me one for my Birthday I believe. I don’t really remember the occasion but it would have had to be a special one for me to get something like that.

It was shiny, new and came in a box. It was a Brothers Series and I loved it. It carried me through many school reports, as well as writing of my own. I did however still enjoy using a journal or diary from time to time, but when I was typeing it was like Heaven, click click, tap tap, all of my thoughts were on paper faster then I could ever think about writing them by hand. I also learned to type fast enough to keep up with my brain most of the time.

Sometime after my husband and I were together it was almost impossible to find ink tape for it so we moved on to a computer which was ten times better then a type writer any day. No correction tape and my typing skills took another leap once I was able to get a split keyboard. Soon I was keeping up with my brain. Ok well most of the time anyways. I usually have four or five things going on at one time in my head so I can only write or type about one at a time. So wish I had another set of  hands.




This week’s writing challenge: write about the lust for stuff.


  • Write about the thing you most wanted a kid. (Remember that thing that went zip when it moved, bop when it stopped and whrrr when it stood still?)
  • Write about what happened when you got the thing you most wanted as a kid.
  • Write about the thing you most want now.
  • Write about all the things you have accumulated without the slightest knowledge of how they came to be in your possession.
  • Write about the little treasures you surround yourself with.


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