A Tim Tebow Story: Hate it or Love it the Underdog’s on Top

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Yet another Tim Tebow detractor has emerged from the football landscape. This time, in the form of someone who’s supposed to have his back. Fellow member of what has been referred to as the “NFL Quarterback Fraternity”, Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco, expressed his distaste for the media storm that has seemingly followed the Denver Broncos quarterback’s every move.

“If you watched ‘SportsCenter’ today, it was Tim Tebow then something else, Tim Tebow then something else, and Tim Tebow then something else. When we beat the Steelers, were we on TV? No. I couldn’t even find a Baltimore Ravens highlight. I think that’s kinda the way it is around Baltimore.”

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Everybody loves a good underdog story though, right?

Well, not when it comes to the former Florida Gator and devout Christian, apparently. Despite leading the Broncos to wins in seven of the team’s last eight games, Tebow has been easily the most ridiculed athlete for on-field performance in recent sports history. The list of commentators that have been most adamantly anti-Tebow includes analyst Merril Hodge, ESPN.com’s Rick Reilly, and CBS Sports’ Boomer Esiason.

Sure, Tebow is as deserved a target for criticism as any other player in the NFL. The well documented hitch in his release and what at times has been a wildly inaccurate passing attack do indeed call for scrutiny. But the guy is winning at a hare’s pace, must it be pretty too? Some of the arguments knocking down the humble pro are borderline comical.

Reilly, who is crediting everyone in Denver besides Timmy T for the Broncos turnaround, is clearly biased against Tebow for reasons that don’t even include football, evidenced by this bullying tweet posted on November 22nd.

“And when #TimTebow says his love for Jesus is greater than that of a man for his wife, how would he know? He’s single and a virgin. #Please

Getting a little defensive there, Rick? It’s not like the guy slammed on your door, barged into your home and told you you’re a bad guy for loving your wife. Maybe a little tolerance, or at least some well-placed apathy would be in order next time.

Several critics have widely tabbed the Broncos defense as the reason for the team’s remarkable turnaround, from 1-4 with QB Kyle Orton at the helm to 7-1 under Tebow.

They are talking, mind you, about the same defense that gave up an average of TWENTY-EIGHT points through the season’s first eight games. It’s true, ElvisDumervil can ball and rookie Von Miller is having a sensational year. Old bones Champ Bailey and Brian Dawkins aren’t slouches either. That said, a suddenly rejuvenated D is not the biggest reason behind the team’s revival.

Consider these things when concluding why, in its last six games, Denver’s defense has lowered its points-allowed average to seventeen per contest, downeleven points from the aforementioned average.

The Broncos have become a ball-control offense, with Coach John Fox now running a variation of the college-option. In Week 12 against AFC West Rival San Diego Chargers, Tebow carried the ball an NFL record 22 times for 67 yards in an eventual 16-13 OT victory. In addition, the “Mile-High Messiagh” has only two turnovers all season. Read that again real quick for full effect. Two turnovers.How many times has “Whoever wins the turnover battle usually wins the game” rhetoric been pounded into our heads by football coaches and analysts alike?

In short, the man responsible for Tebow-mania keeps his defense off the field and out of precarious spots.

There’s also the “he’s terrible in the first three quarters” arguement.Can we get an automated laugh-track instituted anytime a so-called expert makes that point? Here, let us quick go unlearn everything important we’ve ever been taught about sports. One of the best finishers in any pro sport slays the fourth quarter to win games, and that’s the rebuttal? Hello! Is this thing on?

Hate him or love him for the way he thanks Jesus Christ in every press conference, heaps all the praise on his teammates and coaching staff, or his on-field performance. Amidst all the doubters, Tim Tebow’s will to win remains unmatched.

The Denver Broncos look to continue their five game winning streak against another former underdog QB, Tom Brady, as the New England Patriots come to town for a 3:15 CST clash at Mile High.

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