A toast to lunatic parrots and good friends – 100 words for genre shorties

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“And that’s how I got locked up with a parrot and a cream pie.”

Dang, that sweet William, here I was trying to take photos of his newest fancy, a crazy, elusive green parrot flitting about, dive bombing the cat, when he offers me a slice of his irresistibly delicious coconut cream pie. 

Next thing I know he shuffles off to the kitchen for dandelion tea while I’m still ducking and photographing. The wind blows the door shut and here I am trapped inside his garden studio with a lunatic parrot, a terrified cat and a piece of cream pie about to decorate my new camera.   

I guess that’s what friends are for:), “Cheers!”


Written by © Rose Hill on 1-11-2011 All Rights Reserved

Posted for the 100 word challenge at the twisted minded genre shorties group:)

The FIRST sentence of your story — NOT part of your 100 words — should be,

“And that’s how I got locked up with a parrot and a cream pie.”

Your 100 words should tell me how you got there.



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