A Tuesday Writing Essential ~ February 28th[Phillip’s birthday] ~ Writing This Human Villain – The Devil

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Challenge: This piece needs to be fictional; needs to feature a ‘true’ villain; needs to enlist the reader into that other not-so-unthinkable point of view.


The devil considered himself to be the most gracious, beneficial and loving person that ever visited earth. One day, whilst doing his constant good doing, he saw a bank robbery going amiss. One of the robbers was captured. The devil thought he should help this poor robber. So, he huffed and puffed and blew a black charcoal laden cloud down over the robber and the two men holding him. The robber managed to free himself, fled and the devil was proud of his good deed.

The two men detaining the robber went back into the bank, came back out holding bags and left in a vehicle waiting nearby. Just as the robber walked back to the bank, the devil thought – Uh Oh – what have I done? Poof! The devil found himself on a cloud with a booming voice telling him, “You did a good deed, devil. I’m proud of you.”

The devil started trembling, turned around to an angel and demanded, “Give me your wings you jerk – it’s freaking cold up here.”

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