A UFO? Strange Sounds Heard Again in Canada (Video)

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The strange sounds phenomenon is back, striking again in Canada. What is making them? Can they be caused by aliens? Or is it just another hoax?

No matter the answer, the video below, posted to YouTube on Thursday will send chills up and down the spine.

In it, a woman points her camera out the window of her sleepy neighborhood in Terrace, BC, as a thunderstorm rumbles nearby. The noises of what sounds like either a freight train slamming on its brakes, or the Cloverfield UFO monster getting an arrow through the heart can clearly, and loudly be heard.

The video is reminiscent of others posted to the web in late 2011, some of which became known as “skyquake” or “sky trumpet” incidents.

All kinds of explanations were offered, ranging from government conspiracies, to a UFO, leading all the way up to theories of misguided movie studio PR stunts.

But, to date, no real explanation has ever been offered which fully answers the question:

What is causing this?

Here’s the video:

What do you think?

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