A Valentine’s Day Poem for the Brokenhearted “Hero Worship

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Poems of heartbreak are as common as or maybe even more so than poems of love and happiness. My son and his first girlfriend went together for nearly two years. We loved her too, although she was young, jealous and pretty spoiled. She would get angry and they fought a lot. We were concerned we knew that they were too young to be serious.

I blame her parents for letting her have too much freedom at such a young age. We had to put limits on the time they spent together because her parents wouldn’t. I got to be the bad guy for saying that I didn’t want him spending all of his free time with her.

He broke up with her about 6 months ago and they were both devastated. He said that he loved her but that they fought all the time. He was concerned about her but needed space and freedom. He has been dating other girls and having fun with his friends. She is not doing very well. Her little heart is broken. I still talk to her and tell her I love and support her and I am praying for her. I told her if they are meant to be together in the future they will be and that she should pray and take it one day at a time.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and so is her birthday. Last year I helped make a special meal for them and they had candles and wineglasses of sparkling grape juice at our house. My husband and I took dinner over to my father and stepmother and spent Valentine’s Day evening with them. It was a special time and the last time that we will ever have one like that with them again. His Alzheimer’s is progressing and they are now living with her daughter. Time marches on and it is painful to accept a lot of the changes.

I am glad that we had these experiences but still grieve over the changes.

This poem is more about a memory I have of my son and his dear sweet little girlfriend. I feel the grief and the pain as I remember the love that I felt for my first boyfriend. The sun set and the moon rose in him. When he broke my heart I thought I would die. This poem is dedicated to her. Her name is not included.

I passed the room,

Witnessed a private moment,

She gazed into his eyes with love transparent.

She danced to music with him

Silly and innocent

I embarrassed not wanting to intrude,

Still in awe of the beauty and innocence

Music was sweet and childlike

She looked up at him her prince.

Sweats and tee-shirts,

Nothing seductive,

Just joy and fun and puppy love

I still have it printed in my memory.

I knew as it seared in my mind,

I would never forget this,

As long as I may live

Her eyes full of wonder,

Love and worship,

My son the recipient,

Her adoration

How could her heart not be broken?

No one can live up to that in this world.

I will always treasure that memory,

I hold her little heart in my soul.

Oh dear Lord protect her little heart,

Please take care of her wounds.

Help her to know that only you,

Deserve that kind of worship.

Be gentle with her I pray.

Is it her I grieve for?

Or the memory of another,

Young girl whose heart was broken?

Oh Lord bless and protect all,

The broken hearted ones.

You are the only one who can heal.

Let our souls not become steel.

Keep them loving and kind,

Help them not to be so fragile,

As to be unmendable.

Bless you dear little one,

I love you and I know he does too.


I am updating this, as I wrote this poem some time ago. My son and his girlfriend got back together for a couple of years after a break up of about 6 months. We were happy for them. We thought that she was the one. It didn’t work out. But we still love her and her precious little heart. Her birthday is tomorrow and today is Valentine’s Day. I can’t help but think of her and grieve for her as we loved her as one of our own.

I stopped by where she worked this weekend and she wasn’t there. She quit the job. I hope and pray that she is okay. She has had a lot of pain in her young life. In another week it will be a year that her Aunt overdosed. She lost her grandfather and now her heart is broken again. Sometimes life seems like too much to bear, not just for our own grief but for the grief of those that we love. God bless you dearheart. I love you.


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