A VERY LONG AND TOUGH DAY: My sister’s ordeal

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My sister’s ordeal


By David Wainland



            We picked my sister up at 8:30 Tuesday morning and drove her to the hospital. Her surgery was scheduled for 10:30am, but they did not go in until 12:30pm. She was in the operating room for two and one half hours. After the operation the doctor met us in the waiting room with discomforting news. The cancer has spread into the lymph nodes and other tissue. She will have to undergo a long series of alternating treatments, chemo then radiation and  back to chemo.

            The operation was a bit nasty and they kept her in recovery until five-thirty. We did not get to see her until six. She had a breathing problem and had to be on oxygen and was intubated, a hose down her throat. When we finally visited they had removed it, but while she was awake.

            We were there for almost ten hours.

            The good news is that there is an eighty percent survival rate for this type of malignancy

            That’s all I know for now and will be at her side today and tomorrow.

            Thanks to all my Gather friends for your thoughts, prayers and your concern.

            I would also like to thank you for your patience.. My time is severly limted until this calms down and I may or may not comment on your work



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