A Very Picky Eater ~ for WWE, 4/18/12, Picky eaters

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Alaskan brown bears eat salmon. Raw fish? Forget it!

Grizzly bears eat just about anything, including stuff they dig up from the ground.  They even eat dead animals! Barf!

Black bears eat ants and honey and garbage and rodents. I’d rather starve!

Polar bears feast on seals and dead whales. Keep that stuff away from me.

OK.  They think I’m a food snob. A “picky eater” they call it. They would probably get sick if they ate what I eat. Figures; I’m not even really a bear. I only eat eucalyptus leaves, nothing else. Call me finicky–see if I care.



Write a story, fact or fiction (in any form you desire) about anything that pertains to picky eaters.







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