Aaliyah: Remembering the Superstar and Considering Her Influence in 2012

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Aaliyah died in August 25, 2001 but the R&B singer is still widely remembered as one of the best singers in the industry. However, would she still be relevant today if she were alive?

Everyone knows that Drake loves the late singer (he got her face tattooed on his back), DMX still misses her and much of the music industry wishes that she was still around to record with. But if the singer were around today, would she fit into the current music scene?

According to Complex Magazine:

“In the time since she’s passed, her legacy has, inevitably, waned a bit. With time, new stars have claimed her space in the R&B realm, and people are forgetful. But earlier this month, the artist—who would be 33 if she were alive—was back with a new song, or at least one we’ve never heard before.”

Of course, popular rappers like Drake bringing her name back up 11 years later is helping the younger generation know more about the singer who dominated the late 1990’s.

As fans and celebs remember Aaliyah on the day of her death, it appears that the beautiful R&B singer will always be remembered and always be relevant no matter how long it is since she passed.

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