AAP Group Urges Ban on Tanning Beds for Teens – Risk of Melanoma 74 percent Higher

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A group urges a ban on tanning beds for teens. The American Pediatrics Association (AAP) wants regulations in place for tanning salons when it comes to teenage customers.

File:Tanning bed in use.jpgAn alarming study last May found the risk of melanoma was 74% higher in people who tanned indoors. People who tanned naturally outside had a lower risk. According to the AAP, there are 50,000 tanning salons across the nation.

About 1 million customers make their rounds at these tanning salons. Unsurprisingly, at least 70 percent of the patrons are girls and women. A nice tan can make a world of difference on a woman’s skin, but is it worth the risk of cancer?

The risk of melanoma is higher in people who start tanning at a young age. Shockingly, melanoma is the second most common type of cancer in women between the ages of 20-29.

“Teen girls are frequent visitors…and the use increases the older a teen is — so a 17-year-old is much more likely than a 14-year-old to go to a tanning salon,” said Sophie Balk of the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in New York, who authored the AAP policy statement, in a press statement.

There are people who will hooray this effort by the AAP. Young girls may not understand the seriousness of cancer when it comes to preening themselves to fit in. Perhaps, with regulation in place, the country can protect our young, tan-starved, girls.

Their skin will be pale and pasty, but they’ll live longer and have less cancer risk!

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