Aaryn Gries of ‘Big Brother 15′ and Russell Hantz of ‘Survivor’ Connect: Just Friends?

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What’s Aaryn Gries been up to since leaving Big Brother 15? She has definitely been keeping busy, and this weekend she’s raising some eyebrows. Many saw this coming thanks to Twitter banter, but as of Aaryn’s Instagram updates on Friday, it’s clear it has actually happened: Aaryn and Survivor star Russell Hantz are together. They may just be friends, but they are very cozy friends according to Gries’ latest Instagram picture.

Gries shared a picture of her Friday night with Hantz. He’s got her legs swung over on top of his and his arm is around her neck holding her close. First Aaryn noted, “I don’t care! #iloveit” and a bit later she added “#justfriends” in a follow-up comment. Russell has made it clear for some time he’s quite the fan of Aaryn’s, and she seems more than willing to eat up the attention.

Aaryn does have her fans, though many Big Brother 15 fans are making it clear they don’t think much of this partnership, whatever it entails. Some would say, however, that seeing Russell Hantz and Aaryn Gries together seems somehow fitting.

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