Aaryn Gries of ‘Big Brother 15′ Confirms She’s Not Dating Judd, Has New Boyfriend

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There were quite a few Big Brother 15 fans who hoped Aaryn Gries and Judd Daugherty would explore a romance after the show, but it looks like any chance of that is done and over. Aaryn had played coy about it for a bit on Twitter, but now she’s confirmed she’s got a new boyfriend and she’s not dating Judd.

Gries tweeted recently about “her” Marine coming home, leading to some buzz over her romantic life. Now in response to one follower, she wrote, “Judd and I are friends. & I do have a new beau! :)” Later in the conversation she added, “I do care about Judd. I’d do anything for him… but we aren’t dating.” Judd also replied in the thread adding, “we are friends.”

Frankly, this news probably comes as good news to a lot of Judd fans, who weren’t necessarily all that excited about the possibility of this romance. Aaryn fans, and there apparently are a lot of them, are excited for her that she’s found a new boyfriend already. Perhaps the non-romance between Aaryn Gries and Judd Daugherty is ultimately a win-win for all Big Brother 15 fans. 

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