Aaryn Gries of ‘Big Brother 15′ Settles on Halloween Costume Plan: ‘Sexy Cinderella’

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Aaryn Gries of Big Brother 15 seems to fancy herself as being something of a princess, and she’s embracing that for Halloween it seems. Gries has been chatting with fans on her social media pages about costume ideas, and she seems excited to have settled on a plan.

Gries shared a photo via Instagram and wrote, “Oh idk just my #SexyCinderella tiara for #Halloween.” Of course Aaryn immediately had many male followers offering to be her Prince Charming, but she’s made it clear she doesn’t have a need to fill that position right now. This past week she let on that she has a new boyfriend since Big Brother 15 wrapped, though she’s kept his identity under wraps for now.

Most Big Brother 15 fans can pretty easily picture Aaryn Gries as a princess for Halloween, as it seems to suit her personality. Most would bet she’ll be sharing some pictures of the full “Sexy Cinderella” costume come Oct. 31, and fans are excited to check out the finished look.

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