Abbie Cornish Describes Personal Style as ‘Vegan’

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Actress Abbie Cornish is new to Twitter. In her first set of tweets, Abbie is taking time to answer a series of fan questions about work and life. One particular question was about her personal style. Her answer is pretty interesting.

Here’s Abbie’s exchange with a Tweep named Mike, who asked said, “Love your profile pic? How would you describe your style?” This is what she had to say:

Well that should certainly win some friends at PETA. It is nice to know that Cornish is staying away from clothing pieces that are made from animals. Don’t expect her to be carrying an alligator skin purse anytime soon.

One question thought for Abbie Cornish with her terminology. Isn’t what she’s calling ‘vegan’ fashion just vegetarian. She makes no reference to skipping silk spun by worms. If she wears silk, wouldn’t this be like a vegan eating eggs and drinking milk?

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