Abbie Cornish owes life to hair extensions

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Australian actress Abbie Cornish appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to discuss her role in the new film, Sucker Punch, which opens this weekend. As they spoke about the making of the film, Cornish discussed performing her own stunts and learning to shoot and she relayed a story to Kimmel about how she’d almost been seriously injured when she was struck in the head with a bayonet.

Not the sort of thing that tends to happen in this century, something which Kimmel was quick to point out. Cornish said that as she was getting up from the incident a hairstylist noticed that the clip holding her hair extension in place had been completely mangled in the incident. The actress was extremely fortunate in that not only was she not more seriously injured, but the gash on her head didn’t even require stitches. She added that she still has a scar from the incident and credited the hair clip as having saved her from a worse fate.

Who would have thought that wearing hair extensions might actually save your life? Definitely not Jimmy Kimmel who seemed to be both amused and astonished at hearing the news.

In the “epic action fantasy” Sucker Punch, Abbie Cornish plays Sweet Pea, one of five girls being held captive who band together to fight for their freedom. The movie, directed by Zack Snyder, opens nationwide (U.S.) this Friday.

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