Abbie Cornish ‘Rebirthed’ as Actor? What Does That Mean?

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Abbie Cornish said the strangest thing on the red carpet on Friday. The 29-year-old Cornish, who looked dazzling as she walked the red carpet of her new movie The Girl took some time to answer a few questions. One answer seemed a bit strange.

“[The Girl] totally rebirthed me as an actor. It felt like it was the first time again. In making the film, I felt like it was the best I had ever been as an actor in all regards— as an actor, as a collaborator, as a human being,” claimed Abbie Cornish. Okay? It is not often that a movie role is spoken of in terms of “rebirth” and “first time again.” This isn’t just someone “reclaiming their virginity” or someone going to church and becoming “reborn.” This is an actress who seemed to have been moved by the role that she was cast in.

Look, from the sound of things, Abbie Cornish was quite moved by playing her role in this movie. Was it really that life changing or life altering? The only person who can judge is Abbie. Good for her for having a “rebirth.” Hopefully people will be moved by the movie as much as she was taken by making it.

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