‘Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition’ — ‘Casting Special’ Recap

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In “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition,” 14 kids and their moms travel to Los Angeles, California, to see if their kids will make it into Abby Lee Miller’s new reality dance competition. The winner will get a $100,000 and a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet.

The contestants head over to meet Abby and the other two judges, Robin Antin founder of “The Pussycat Dolls” and Richy Jackson who has worked with singers like Lady Gaga, and the host of the show, Kevin Manno.

The group is told what they need to have to be in the show. Abby is looking for style in the dancers. Robin wants to see sass and a Pussycat Doll with attitude. Really Robin, a Pussycat Doll in a 13-year-old or younger? She also says she sees future Pussycat Dolls in the making. Are we looking at the same group? And Richy wants to see the one dancer who is not necessarily the best but the one who fights the hardest.

Now the most important thing the moms and kids have to know is that two of the dancers will be eliminated and won’t be part of the competition. Only 12 will go on after this special casting show.

Immediately the moms tell the cameras how wonderful their child is, and they start to say bad things about the other dancers. One mom said that the only boy, Zack, will probably make the competition because of the “pee pee factor.” She hasn’t even seen him dance yet and already thinks he’ll be accepted because of something that her daughter doesn’t have. Talent? No, the “pee pee.”

Okay, can’t really expect anything else from them; their kids are up for a competition, but honestly, Abby Lee is constantly being criticised that she’s mean, but she’s nothing compared to some of the moms here. They’re tyrants!

The dancers are told that they’ll have to learn three different dance styles in two hours. Richy teaches them a complicated jazz/soul/pop dance; Robin teaches them a sassy dance; and Abby shows them a contemporary dance.

Viewers watch as the dancers rehearse. The moms are doing their best not to scream out instructions to the kids. One mom, Yvette, is a dance instructor who always wears a big fake smile, has big eyes, with a big cheery attitude. Fans could actually think she’s Kelly Rippa or Cathy from the Candy Apples Dance Studio.

Finally the kids have learned the dances, and they have to perform them in front of Abby, Robin, and Richy. The moms can barely contain themselves by shaking their groove thing as their daughters and son dance.

Abby was not impressed by what she saw. Probably no one but the moms were impressed. The dancers were—well, is “horrible” too strong a word to use? The girls on “Dance Moms” are spectacular. Don’t expect anything like that here, at least for now.

The judges line up the girls and tell them what they did wrong. Some were hiding behind others, wearing the same dance outfit as another, not smiling, and two came on stage wearing one shoe. One shoe! Does that actually help with dancing?

Anyway, the judges deliberate and make their decision. The boy, Zack, made it into the competition (must have been that “pee pee factor”). The youngest, Asia, made it in, but the oldest, Amanda K., is gone along with Nicole.

The 12 lucky competitors are Zack, Asia, Madison, Elisabeth, Tua, Jordyn, Brianna, Kyleigh, Lexine, Amanda C., Tessa, and Hadley.

“Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” is about to begin in full. Just steer clear of those moms. Wow.

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