‘Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition’ – Meet the Cast

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Tonight “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” debuts on the Lifetime Network at 9:00 p.m. The hour before, at 8:00 p.m., a special casting show will be aired so viewers can meet the contestants and their moms. Fans will be following this group for the next ten weeks.

Abby Lee Miller, from “Dance Moms,” fame is the head judge of this program where, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 13 girls and 1 boy will be competing for $100,000 and a scholarship to the Joffrey Ballet.

But before fans settle in to watch tonight’s two-hour event it might be a good idea to take a look at the full cast.

The judges are Abby Lee Miller; Robin Antin, who founded “The Pussycat Dolls”; Richard Jackson, who worked with many performers in the music field like Lady Gaga; and Kevin Manno, who is a regular correspondent on “LXTV’s First Look.” Just what Kevin will contribute has yet to be determined.

But the real stars of the show are the kids and their moms. Oh yes, just like “Dance Moms” the mothers are a big part of this program.

This part of the cast is: mom Coreen and daughter Madison; mom Erin and daughter Elisabeth; mom Gina and son Zack; mom Kelly and daughter Jordyne; mom Kris and daughter Brianna; mom Kristen and daughter Kyleigh; mom Kristie and daughter Asia; mom Maria and daughter Lexine; mom Mayelin and daughter Amanda C.; mom Michelle and daughter Amanda K.; mom Renee and daughter Tessa; mom Sabrina and daughter Nicole; mom Shayna and daughter Tua; and mom Yvette and daughter Hadley. The Lifetime Network has more information on this group.

If “Dance Moms” is a hidden pleasure, then “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition” is sure to be one as well. Lots of yelling and fighting will pull viewers in for the next two and a half months to find out which little angel will win the competition.

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