ABC Family Cancels ‘Jane by Design’, Renews ‘Bunheads’ and Others

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ABC Family has made some scheduling decisions and has opted to not renew Jane by Design (which aired its finale earlier this summer) for a second season, although it has given nods to comedies Baby Daddy and Melissa & Joey as well as dramas Bunheads and Switched at Birth (E!). The first three are currently airing, while Switched at Birth will finish out its first season starting in September.

If you never watched the show, it was a comedy that starred Erica Dash as the titular Jane. Jane was a high school student who went on an interview for an internship at design house Donovan Decker and, through a mix up in scheduling, wound up with a full-time job as the assistant to Gray (Andie MacDowell), a notoriously difficult designer. The show’s cast included Nick Roux as Jane’s best friend Billy; David Clayton Rogers as Jane’s slightly bumbling but very good hearted older brother Ben; and Smith Cho as Jane’s guidance counselor Rita.

The show was an homage to John Hughes and played with teen-centric tropes, but struggled in the ratings, and never really seemed to find its footing. It is a shame, but at least show creator April Blair tied up a lot of the loose ends and did not leave the audience hanging.

By the end of the season/series finale, Ben was back and had reconciled with Rita. Jeremy (Rowly Dennis) was on his way back to New York with a new understanding with India (India de Beaufort), who was returning to Donovan Decker. Left hanging was how Jane was going to explain designing the costumes for a high school musical to Gray and Eli (Bryan Dechart) and whether Jane and Billy were ever going to admit their feelings to one another. Maybe ABC Family will produce a one off ABC Family movie to do that? Probably not, huh?

What do you think? Will you miss Jane by Design? Or were you satisfied with the finale?

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