ABC Renews ‘Revenge': Season 2 is Official

Revenge is one of ABC’s freshman series for the 2011-2012 season, and they certainly knew how to start things off right: with a murder. The first half of the season led up to the reveal of that murder and the murderer, all while focusing on Emily’s quest for revenge.

Revenge Renewed

Yes, Revenge season 2 is official, as TVLine has announced. There’s something about the show that brings people back each week. There’s a strong love triangle, a mystery, character drama, and who can forget about those strong one-liners from Nolan? With news of a second season, there will be more of all of that.

It has already been revealed that Revenge season 2 is going to start off the same way that season 1 did: with an event then a flashback to an earlier time. The second season is likely to begin with Emily’s wedding, but it’s still unclear who will be the groom. It’s leaning towards it being Daniel since they did make it through the trial still together, but then again, it could end up being Jack as well, her childhood friend who unfortunately doesn’t realize she’s the Amanda Clarke he knew, not the girl she switched identities with. They are going to be getting closer in the final episodes as previews have teased.

It’s hard not to love seeing Emily take revenge on those who have wronged her family, but at the same time you can’t help but want more people to find out who she really is (namely, Jack). Will that happen in season 2, or could it happen before season 1 is over? Either way, fans will get the chance to see more of what’s going to happen with these characters next season.

Who do you want to see Emily marry in Revenge season 2? Will you be tuning in next fall?

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