ABC's of Sue

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The purpose of life is a life of purpose.
- Robert Byrne

ABC’s of Sue




A…  is for Andrew, my beloved twenty-something son.

B…  is for Bellevue, home in Washington.

C…  is for chocolate, all over my face.

D…  is for Disney, my number one place.

E…  is for e-mail. I love it for sure.

F…  is for fuschias, my favorite fleur.

G…  is for Gregger, my sweetie you see.

H…  is for Haiku, they give me such peace.

I…  is for ice cream, no matter what flavor.

J…  is for java, aroma to savor.

K…  is for Kodak. I use three or four.

L…  is for lamb chops. No meat I like more.

M…  is for monkey; the year I was born.

N…  is for nothing to do all this morn.

O…  is for ocean. I love how it roars.

P…  is for pencil, scribbling words and more.

Q…  is for questions. I ask ten each day.

R…  is for reading. I wish that it paid.

S…  is for Sag, as the archer’s my sign.

T…  is for travel. I go far and wide.

U…  is for utterly happy, I think.

V…  is for violet, or purple, or pink.

W…  is wacky, or wild, or just weird.

X…  is for x-files. I’ve watched them for years

Y…  is for yogurt. It’s cool and so crisp.

Z…  is for zowie! I’m done with this list!


2001. © Sue Barton,


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