Abigale Lefevers: Roommate of Kidnapper Knew about Prior Texting (CORRECTION)

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NOTE: See correction/apology at bottom of article.

Twelve-year-old Abigale Lefevers still hasn’t been found, and is believed to had been abducted by a registered sex offender. In the latest update to this missing girl’s case, her father has issued some words through the media, begging for the return of the 12-year-old missing girl. The words of Robert Lefevers is similar to those of many parents who go through the horror of an abducted child, but they are heartfelt and emotional. This man, like the growing number of people who know about this case, wants Abigale home.

“Abigale if you’re out there watching me right now baby, please just come home. Daddy’s not mad, we can work through anything that this is, just please come home. Please come home baby,” said the distraught father of the missing girl.

This is truly a distressing case, because it’s truly not clarified as to whether this girl was forcefully abducted by 38-year-old Timothy Newman or if she went willingly for some reason. The words of the girl’s father indicates she may have gone on her own free will, but she cannot legally consent to what is happening. Also, the looks of Timothy Newman make it hard to believe any 12-year-old girl, much less any woman, would be interested in him on any level.

Timothy Newman’s roommate, Van Jarman, says he knew about the two texting one another prior to this abduction. So that’s more proof that this mixed up preteen went on her own with this hambeast of a 38-year-old sex criminal. How on Earth does this kind of thing happen?


It was mistakenly reported that Timothy Newman was the roommate of Robert Lefevers, but this isn’t so. It was erroneously derived from statements made by Newman’s actual roommate discussing the texts between Newman and 12-year-old Abigale Lefevers. It was an honest mistake and apologies go out to the Lefevers family.

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