Abortion Controversy: Sheriff Candidate Wants to Use ‘Deadly Force’ On Docs Performing Abortions

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In the aftermath of Todd Akin’s boneheaded remarks on rape, the Republican party has another reason to be embarrassed. New Hampshire candidate for sheriff, Frank Szabo, has weighed in on his plans about abortion if he is elected.

While being interviewed by a local news station, Szabo revealed he apparently has no problem persecuting doctors who perform abortions. He mentioned arresting the doctors and even using deadly force as an option to stop them from performing the procedures. He told the news station, “Deadly force is always a last resort. Why would anyone object to the use of deadly force to prevent the murder of an unborn human?”

What about the life of the mother? Could he really stand by while a mother may be suffering because of a medical condition? Does he disregard a woman’s mental or physical health if a pregnancy occurs because of rape of incest?

Szabo has apologized for his comments, but is it because both Republicans and Democrats have spoken out against him? He seems to care more about pushing his morals and values on everyone else, than the law. How could you feel safe with someone like Frank Szabo in law enforcement?

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