Abortion Facts No Barrier for Scandal-Ridden Republican Scott DesJarlais

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The abortion facts and the scandal that came out about Representative Scott DesJarlais were not enough to stop him from getting reelected, thanks to House Republicans. DesJarlais is an anti-abortion doctor who—get this—had sex with one of his patients and then pressured her into getting an abortion.

Scott DesJarlais, Official Portrait, 112th CongressDesJarlais joins the proud ranks of several other conservatives that win the ‘Hypocrite of the Year’ award. Among them, Pastor Ted Haggard who was a vehement opposer of homosexuality and gay rights from his church pulpit, while having sex with at least one male prostitute on the side. Lisa Biron is also a member of this club. She was the anti-gay lawyer who was arrested for taking pictures and video of teenage girls having sex.

DesJarlais was broke and losing ground in the election as the scandal and the abortion facts surrounding him came out. Democratic challenger Eric Stewart was looking like a shoo-in for the seat, but then the GOP stepped in and donated more than $44,800 to DesJarlais, which allowed him to keep his seat with a easy lead over Stewart. All but two of the Republicans who donated were members of the Republican Study Committee, a conservative Group.

Court transcripts released from DesJarlais’ divorce showed that he had not only had an affair with one patient, he was a serial philanderer with both coworkers and patients. Court documents also revealed that his wife had undergone two abortions. One was for medical reasons, but the other was because their relationship was on rocky ground. But, apparently the Republicans would rather have him keep his seat than lose it to a Democratic candidate. Probably because of his good morals.

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