Abortion Rates Higher Where it is Illegal; More Reason for the “Pro-lifers” to Give Up

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Abortion is a necessary medical procedure, regardless of what some propagandists may try to spread about the internet and via offensive and misleading literature. A recent study has made it even more apparent that this medical procedure is necessary, and without it being legal there are repercussions.

A recent study has concluded that abortion rates are high in areas where the controversial procedure is illegal. What’s more, this study has also determined that nearly half of all abortions (worldwide) are conducted unsafely and in developing countries. This contradicts (with actual data) the lies spread by those who claim to be “pro-life,” including the common misconception that the U.S.A. is responsible for most abortions in the world. Don’t let the propagandists fool you! Fight back with knowledge!

If “pro-lifers” were truly “pro-life” they’d be more concerned about the nearly 50,000 women who have died in the past four years due to the inaccessibility to safe abortion services.

Gilda Sedgh, a senior researcher designated by the World Health Organization says the following:

“An abortion is actually a very simple and safe procedure. All of these deaths and complications are easily avoidable.”

“It is precisely where abortion is illegal that it must become safer,” said another expert regarding this study.

The dangers of abortion when it’s illegal

“Unsafe” is defined by any abortive procedure conducted by an untrained individual or in a place lacking proper medical facilities. In Africa, where this necessary medical procedure is illegal, some women have been known to resort to using broken bottles and other crude objects to insert inside themselves to miscarry on their own. This, naturally, is extremely dangerous leading to such conditions as septicaemia which can be fatal. Singer Lily Allen suffered from a bout of septicaemia (or sepsis) when she miscarried for the second time about a year ago. Ask any woman who’s gone through this potentially life-threatening infection of the blood, and they will tell you that it’s frightening, painful and draining.

While this horrible lack of medical care is being reported on worldwide, there are people in the United States who are on a mission to strip a woman of her right to choose abortion as an option (regardless of the woman’s reasons). These people are obviously out of touch with reality, claiming to be for the protection of every living thing. Yet, do they show concern for the deaths that result from criminalizing the procedure?

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