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(this is from my book, The Depressed Guy’s Book of Wisdom.  The publisher, specializing in mental health, specifically asks for a “mental health biography.”)


Doug Westberg is a musician, composer, recording artist, author, poet, and Scrabble® junkie.  After dropping out of college in 1976 because of depression and alcoholism, in 1995, at the age of 40, he completed his Bachelor of Music degree at Marylhurst University in Oregon.

Westberg has spent a lifetime battling depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and the repercussions of a violent childhood. Severe mental illness has run up and down both sides of his children’s family tree. Thanks to a community based program, he has remained free of alcohol since 1977. After 12 years and four children, Westberg’s marriage was destroyed by both partners’ mental illness. He lost his home and his children, and then mere months later was awarded sole custody of his 3 daughters, who were then 5, 7, and 10.

The staggering changes in circumstances and indeed his basic life paradigm brought his lifelong depression to a crisis, and he was hospitalized for several months. For the last 14 years, he has managed his depression and anxiety with therapy and medication, with steadily increasing success. While struggling with mental illness as a victim and parent and husband, he has served for many years in non-profit institutions as a program director, computer systems manager, and development professional, and he is proud to have raised four beautiful, independent-minded, activist, service-oriented children. He lives in the Pacific Northwest United States with his wife Carol, where he plays music and blogs on mental health topics at depressedwriter.gather.com. His web site is www.dougwestberg.com .

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Doug’s Gather Group is Depression and Creativity, devoted to creative writing about depression and related illnesses, and creative writing as therapy.  Please consider joining.  You can read more of Doug’s posts there, or here.


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57 year old musician, poet, father of 4 grown children, composer, recording artist, author, humorist, survivor. I'm thoughtful, introspective, introverted, open, scathingly honest about myself, creative, a Renaissance guy, willing to grow and change and

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