Abused Malta Dog “Star” Passes Away

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Star, the dog found horribly abused and buried alive in Malta last week, has died.

Maltese police found the poor dog buried in a shallow grave. She had been shot 40 times in the head with a pellet gun and her snout was tied to prevent her from barking in pain. Her paws were bound, too. Police discovered her when they heard a whimpering sound coming from under some planks of wood.

The fact that Star survived to be rescued was a miracle. The stray dog had been horribly abused by someone who still has yet to be apprehended.

http://c257.r57.cf3.rackcdn.com/local_03_temp-1307428535-4dedc6b7-620x348.jpgHer caretakers were so sure that she would make a strong recovery that they began to let Star integrate with her new owners, who were the first of thousands to inquire at the shelter about taking her home. For a while it seemed as though this story would have a happy ending. There was no end to the amount of love given by Star’s new adopted family. For a few days this sweet animal received the care and affection it should have known its whole life.

But shortly after going home with her new owners Star began to vomit and had to be operated on again. She died yesterday of acute inflammation of the pancreas. Her death was reported by her vet Trevor Zammit, who fought back tears at the announcement.

Star brought together Malta’s animal rights http://c257.r57.cf3.rackcdn.com/9cbc3ea7911f1aa1b6992dfb52fea0d62005679721-1305873774-4dd60d6e-620x348.jpgactivists, who are vowing to continue to seek out her abusers and ensure that some small amount of justice is done in her name, and that no other animal has to suffer as terribly as she did.

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