Acapulco: A Spring Break Ghost Town

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Acapulco is no longer the spring break haven for college students that it once was. The Mexican hot spot has been the travel destination for masses of American students since John Wayne and Johnny Weissmuller vacationed there in the 1950s, but this year is quite different.

Acapulco has been the site of gruesome drug related murders. In January alone, fifteen decapitated bodies were found not far from the tourist area, but nightclub owner Brian Rullan insisted the violence is not directed toward the tourists. “Any tourist can come here, and they’ll never see violence,” says Rullan.

That may be so, but who wants to take the chance? A few young Americans do, Amy Peterson being one. “Everyone kept telling us how safe it was, so it was no problem coming here, and once we got here, everyone felt so safe.”

Feeling safe and actually being safe are two different things. CNN reports that the U.S. Department of State warns of increasing violence in Acapulco while at the same time saying that the “violence is not targeted at foreign residents or tourists.”

Say what? It seems unlikely that rampant violence discriminates, or separates the “good” from the “bad.” Who would want to risk placing themselves in harm’s way in Acapulco, when there are many other travel destinations right here in the good US of A just begging for tourism in these depressed economic times? Sure, danger is everywhere, but why tempt fate and place yourself or your loved ones right smack in the middle of a drug war?

Think about it. If Fort Lauderdale, FL tallied over 1,000 murders in one year, would you go there on spring break?

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