Accidents Happen: Are You Prepared? – Part One

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(Note: Since I'm about to write and post the second part of this, I thought I'd put it back in the spotlight for you guys to see so you will understand the flow to part 2)

September is National Preparedness Month, which I found interesting since I was in the process of developing a series of articles on being prepared for an automobile accident.  In my experience, most people are not prepared for a car accident and it can be a costly mistake.  I’m not just talking about the actual accident and the immediate moments thereafter but what you do and say in the days that follow.

Most people are unaware that unless the accident involves injuries or multiple cars, the police do not make a report of the accident.  This means that they do not take statements at the scene.  They also do not take pictures of either vehicle or of the scene itself.  The fact is that many times the police don’t even come to an accident anymore, which means that someone can hit you and take off and you have absolutely no recourse unless you know what to do.

I deal in car accidents for a living.  I work as a Risk Manager for a taxi company and I take accident reports from our drivers almost daily.  You have no idea how many things can happen and even professional drivers who drive day in and day out are rarely prepared and really don't know what to do in an accident.

It is this experience that has inspired me to write a series of articles to help prepare you, the public, for a car accident and its aftermath.  It has also inspired me to create a new company to help both individuals and small businesses with commercial vehicles to recover their losses when an accident isn’t their fault.

I invite you to join me by reading these articles as I post them and to ask questions.  I may or may not be able to help, but I will try.  I will also be giving you inside tips on the auto insurance field and what you can expect when you have an accident.  And, I’ll let you in on things you can do that you may not have thought of before.

I don’t know how many articles I will post because they aren’t written.  I’ll keep writing them until I feel I’ve exhausted the subject and feel I don’t have any more to say that will help you.  So, please check back frequently .

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