Accused Child Rapist Caught in Mexico

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Accused child rapist and kidnapper Tobias Dustin Summers has finally been captured in Mexico—after a search that lasted nearly a month. He was reportedly found at a rehabilitation center about 200 miles south of Tijuana, Mexico, and was identified by the Superman tattoo on his chest. It’s almost ironic that a symbol associated with heroism (albeit fictional) led to the capture of this piece of living garbage.

Fugitive suspect Tobias Dustin Summers

Tobias Dustin Summers is accused of kidnapping 10-year-old Nicole Ryan from her home before sexually assaulting her for several hours. She was later found bruised and “in shock” wandering around five or so miles from where she was abducted—nearly a whole day later. She was reportedly kidnapped by knife point—a truly violent and traumatizing ordeal that this 10-year-old child will likely never forget.

This is outstanding news and it’s thanks to the help of law enforcement in Mexico as well as the FBI and LAPD that this alleged child rapist has been captured. Now it’s time to hope that justice will be served for little Nicole Ryan.

Photo: Gary Friedman/Los Angeles Times

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