Accused Murderer Luka Magnotta Expected to be Extradited

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Luka Magnotta, 29, was arrested in a Berlin Internet café on June 4, 2012 purportedly looking for images and articles of himself posted on the Internet. Magnotta, a self-proclaimed pornographer, escaped Canadian capture for the alleged premeditated murder of Jun Lin, 33, a Chinese national attending university in Montreal.

Magnotta first attempted to gain notoriety by allegedly recording the brutal murders of several cats and posting them on the Internet. He is suspected of writing to the Sun Newspaper in London where it is believed that he expressed his frustration at the lack of attention towards his suspected crimes and promised that his next victim would not be an animal.

The relationship between animal abuse/torture and homicide is well documented. Researchers have been collecting data on this phenomenon since 1908. The most pervasive patterns emerge in sociopathic personalities.

A sociopath typically enjoys fantasizing about maiming, torturing, and mutilating animals in childhood and progresses into acting on those fantasies in adolescence. Left undetected, when a sociopath enters adulthood they tire of animal torture and start to fantasize about human targets. For personalities prone to continued escalation they will act out their fantasies for the challenge and the excitement that comes from human suffering.

Sociopaths enjoy shock value. They oftentimes want to share what they have done with the public through writing, photographs, or videos, as it provides the offender with a rush and a sense of power.

Magnotta purportedly released a 10-minute video that shows Jun Lin tied to a bed being murdered by a pickaxe. The assailant then performed acts of cannibalism and sexually violated Lin’s deceased body.

While Canadian authorities sought out the suspect for questioning, several political members received packages containing body parts, which were later identified as belonging to Jun Lin. Luka Magnotta is expected to be extradited to Canada sometime at the end of June. There he faces charges of first-degree murder, indecent acts to a corpse, and harassing members of parliament.

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