Acid Attack Hoax By Bethany Storro in Vancouver Example of Racial Animus in America

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The alleged acid attack on Bethany Storro was a hoax, according to police.  The incident that happened weeks ago involved the throwing of acid in Storro’s face by a random woman who happened to be Black.  However, after a thorough investigation, the alleged victim of the acid attack claims it was self-inflicted.  In short, it was a hoax. This case, like many others, underscores the the fact that racial bigotry towards Blacks is real in America.


CAPE TOWN, July 3, 2010 Players of Argentina and Germany pose together with a banner which reads ''say no to racism'' prior to their 2010 World Cup quarter-final soccer match at Green Point stadium in Cape Town, South Africa, on July 3, 2010.

The acid attack hoax took place several weeks ago.  According to Vancouver, Washington police reports, the victim, Bethany Storro, was getting something out of her vehicle when acid was thrown into her face by a Black unidentified woman.  A nationwide search ensued, and a nation was gripped on finding the unknown Black woman with a pony tail.  However, Storro would soon reveal that the entire incident was fabricated, that the acid attack in Vancouver was a hoax.

The alleged Vancouver acid attack left Bethany Storro scarred, but her mental status is at question.  After many hours of interviews by police, and a cursory search of her home, Bethany Storro made a confession; the acid attack was a hoax, according to Pioneer Press.

Police had a hunch that something was amiss about the acid attack on Bethany Storro, as her story was rife with discrepancies.  To them, the crime was a bit calculated. Forensic evidence such as splash patterns were not consistent with a random splash. Furthermore, the wearing of sunglasses at night was enough for police to believe the attack was a hoax.  Now, that the Vancouver woman has made a startling confession, police intend to turn the matter over to the DA’s office for prosecution.

Since the acid attack (now a hoax) on Bethany Storro in Vancouver, she has made numerous media appearances, and was hailed for her courage and upbeat attitude. On several of her media appearances following the (self-infliction), Bethany Storro pointed to her religious faith as a testament to her survival and positive attitude.

Vancouver Police Chief Cook stated that they are not prepared to speak on what motivated Bethany Storro to concoct an acid attack hoax.  Cook says that Storro is remorseful about the entire event, and that the matter is now in the DA’s hands for possible criminal charges stemming from the acid attack hoax.

Remember Susan Smith?

The Vancouver acid attack hoax by Bethany Storro is sadly reminiscent to Susan Smith’s lies about a black many killing her children in the 1990’s.  It turned out that there was never a black man, as Susan Smith was tried, convicted, and sentenced to life for the intentional killing of her sons.  Sadly, there are many other Susan Smiths and Bethany Storros of the world who bring their hidden hatred to the surface when faced with crimes.

These sensationalized crimes like the Vancouver acid attack hoax is a sickening reminder that Blacks are targeted for crimes as part of stereotyping and omnipresent racial hatred towards people of color.  The foul cry in blaming it on Blacks suggests that our country remains more divided than we care to admit.  This racial animus or racial hatred is no different than our present-day definition of hate crimes.  The acid attack hoax should not be excluded when referring to this matter of social ignorance.

The days of blaming the Black man, and woman, for petty crimes to high-profile crimes, has to end.  Sadly still, the likelihood of this cancerous act of racial ignorance being eradicated, is slim to none, as the need to point a finger or scapegoat a race exists.

The Vancouver acid attack should be a lesson to all races, not just about ignorance towards Blacks, but all minorities and people of color.  The world will heal from this acid attack, and Bethany Storro will pay a heavy price, not just from her self-inflicted wounds, but from her ignorance towards Blacks.  World take notice; we have a Black president, and the days of stereo-typing African Americans is over.

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