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Once again, it looks like Pelosi is pushing for the vote on Cap and Trade, but not tomorrow – TODAY!!!  It appears that because the Tea Party and Glenn Beck 9/12 groups were busy protesting ABC affiliates all over the country yesterday because of Obama’s infomercial, they were able to get the word out (and the phone numbers) to call Washington to let them know we’re against Cap and Trade.  And because those groups and others against Cap and Trade have been so busy clogging the “switchboard” in Washington, Pelosi feels the need to get the votes now before she can’t.


I know that some people are convinced that we have a huge problem with carbon emmissions.  And some are under the impression that this Cap and Trade thing won’t affect us. 


It will.  It will cause electric and natural gas prices to rise in your homes and gasoline to rise at the pumps.  Our news said that we should expect $7 per gallon added to the price we already pay for gasoline, plus as much as $35 more per month for electricity and natural gas.


It will also cause prices to rise in every business, which will reflect on the prices you pay for everything.


Here is a great explanation of the flawed “science” of global warming/climate change.  Although it does have pretty scientific jargon which can be hard to undersand, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, the summary and conclusion are very easy to comprehend.


Climate Sensitivity Reconsidered

Here’s part of the article/study’s conclusion (bold emphasis mine):

Even if temperature had risen above natural variability, the recent solar Grand Maximum may have been chiefly responsible. Even if the sun were not chiefly to blame for the past half-century’s warming, the IPCC has not demonstrated that, since CO2 occupies only one-ten-thousandth part more of the atmosphere that it did in 1750, it has contributed more than a small fraction of the warming. Even if carbon dioxide were chiefly responsible for the warming that ceased in 1998 and may not resume until 2015, the distinctive, projected fingerprint of anthropogenic “greenhouse-gas” warming is entirely absent from the observed record. Even if the fingerprint were present, computer models are long proven to be inherently incapable of providing projections of the future state of the climate that are sound enough for policymaking. Even if per impossibile the models could ever become reliable, the present paper demonstrates that it is not at all likely that the world will warm as much as the IPCC imagines. Even if the world were to warm that much, the overwhelming majority of the scientific, peer-reviewed literature does not predict that catastrophe would ensue. Even if catastrophe might ensue, even the most drastic proposals to mitigate future climate change by reducing emissions of carbon dioxide would make very little difference to the climate. Even if mitigation were likely to be effective, it would do more harm than good: already millions face starvation as the dash for biofuels takes agricultural land out of essential food production: a warning that taking precautions, “just in case”, can do untold harm unless there is a sound, scientific basis for them. Finally, even if mitigation might do more good than harm, adaptation as (and if) necessary would be far more cost-effective and less likely to be harmful.  In short, we must get the science right, or we shall get the policy wrong.


Did you realize that the whole premise of global “warming” is based on flawed computer models that predict climate change?  It’s not based on actual observable data that can be confirmed.  I’ll bet you didn’t realize that, did you?  And Congress is ready to change our lives and to base the entire energy sector around an idea that has not been nor can be proven.  Are you going to let them do that?!?!?


As Mike Wilson, Founder/President of Cincinnati Tea Party said in an email this morning:


The House leadership is twisting arms like crazy right now and making all kinds of promises to get this done.  They are also considering moving the vote to TODAY because groups like ours are ramping up the pressure.  Please call and get your friends and family to call as well.  Walk them to the phone if you have to.  Let the politicians know they work for us and if they dare to vote YES on this, we will do everything in our power to defeat them in 2010.


Here’s how Karen Best of the Cincinnati 9/12 Project put it in an email last night:

Let your Representative know that slowing the American economy down-by slowing down energy production and consumption-will not change the climate, it will only hurt Americans who are already suffering through a brutal recession, high unemployment, and about to be whacked with looming inflation.


We all need to be communicating with our representatives about how destructive Cap and Trade will be to our economy.


Contact your Congressman TODAY!  We are out of time!


The Capitol Switchboard

number is (202) 224-3121.

Please make calls!!!

















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