Action Only Happens in the Moment…As in…Now!!!

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Evidence of the Thought Process


There’s a difference between what one thinks and one’s actions;

The first can move people, the latter moves mountains.

My thinking may get me where I want to go,

But if there is no evidence, how will I know?


Thinking is great for it helps us resolve

The problems Life hands us when crises evolve;

Yet movement is necessary used in conjunction

With thoughts or else all is just mindless compunction.


Psychiatrists couches are filled with the masses

And millions have taken assertiveness classes;

There’s yoga and tai-chi, we meditate some,

But unless there is action, those actions seem dumb.


If I’m deaf to the cries that provoke me to move,

Or blind to my plight and the guilt that intrudes,

My thoughts are just vapors that soon disappear

Unless action leaves evidence that they were here.


                                                        Greg Wright

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